At OldShooter we carry a large inventory of holsters made with Black and Brown leather that has a classy looking tooled finish; however we know everybody has different tastes, so we will make a buyer a rig in a special color or in an extra long or short size (for kids) at their request. Just contact Joe Ryan at OldShooter.com and tell him what you need and he'll see what can be done, and get you a price-quotation for your custom work. Here's a list of some of the things we can do:

*** DOUBLE-SIDED GUNBELT RIGS: We can make any buyer a double-rig for 25.00 dollars over the price of a single sided rig.

*** EXTRA LONG GUNBELT for EXTRA LARGE WAIST SIZE: We carry gunbelt rigs in stock that will fit persons with waist sizes measuring up to 54 inches (our 56-58 rig fits a 54 inch waist size); but we can also make a rig that is even longer.

*** EXTRA SHORT GUNBELT RIGS FOR KIDS AND YOUNG ADULTS: We can make a gunbelt rig for someone with a smaller waist size like a kid or young adult.

*** GUNBELTS WITH SUPER LONG HOLSTER FOR THOMPSON CONTENDER: We can make a holster that will accomodate a super long barrel. We have an ordering page for rigs with holsters up to 12 inches long. If you need something longer, just let us know the length, and other details, and we can get you a price.

*** GUNBELT IN NATURAL TAN COLOR: We can make a gunbelt rig in natural Tan color like you see in the photo to the left (at the bottom).

SHIPPING TIMES FOR CUSTOM ORDERS: Custom orders typically take up to 14-25 days to make, so they will generally ship between 2-4 weeks after an order & payment is received by Joe Ryan at OldShooter.



Phone: 1-877-563-1116 (we are family-run business, so we answer the phone off-and-on seven days a week and some evenings.


PRICE: $77.00

SHIPPING: $12.00 for USPS priority mail shipping to any US location or to Puerto Rico.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Rates vary by country. Amount will be automatically calculated at checkout, or if payment is being made by check or money order, contact OldShooter for a rate quotation.

Holster Length
Waist Size
Address for Checks and Money Orders:
PO Box 83152
San Diego Ca. 92138-3152

*** Contact OldShooter at 1-877-563-1116, or e-mail the proprietor at JoeRyan@SanDiegoStuff.com

*** Payment and Shipping information is available on individual product pages